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Mary Ann Braubach

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Mary Ann Braubach
Los Angeles, CA

Mary Ann is a documentary filmmaker and film producer. She was a film and television executive for production companies at Warner Bros, Universal, and Disney.  She was head of production for Tom Selleck’s company, TWS. Prior to that she was vice president of Production at Spring Creek Productions and director of development for George Lucas’ Lucasfilm. She served on the board of the San Francisco Film Society.

Mary Ann currently serves on the board of Liberty Hill Foundation, a philanthropic organization geared towards achieving social justice in LA.  She is on the Advisory Board of California Participation Project, a non-partisan voter engagement and registration non-profit.

Mary Ann is an advocate for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, a member of the California Chapter’s Public Policy Committee, a participant at their state and national Public Policy Conferences, and lobbies on the state and federal level for the NMSS.