Los Angeles State Historic Park, Los Angeles, CA on June 1, 2019. Ebb & Flow: Chinatown was a free, site-specific community festival of local artists which integrates dance, visual arts, music and technology to explore climate change, its impact on the environment and our health. The day started with free public dance workshops for all ages and abilities, booths from local artists, and opportunities to engage in environmental and wellness activities from community organizations. The festival also included daytime community performances by David Calderon, East Wind Foundation for Youth and Shaolin Temple Cultural Center U.S.A.

The festival concluded with an evening professional performance. Guest choreographers included Moises Josue Michel, Candy Yi in collaboration with Chantal Cherry, Carissa Songhorian and JA collective, as well as Duckler’s new work titled Further, in collaboration with composer/performer, Drum & Lace

Photos by Sean Deckert

This project is supported by the California Arts Council and the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.