Our intergenerational programs facilitate intergenerational relationships by encouraging participants to work collaboratively and create original movement in a practice that embodies empathy. 

The curriculum focuses on activating memory through storytelling. It includes an introduction to site-specific dance, a daily movement warm up, exercises for flexibility, strength, and alignment, and dance improvisation activities with meaningful items used as props. Using the tools of relation, expansion, and  interruption, movement invention can be imagined, composed and collaboratively created. These choreographic techniques help build awareness of oneself and others, increase sensitivity and curiosity for one’s surroundings, and give participants the foundation to create their own work. To culminate the workshops, participants perform movement pieces based on the meaningful items they encountered in the program and share their experiences with their community.

These workshops are a fun way for seniors and youth to connect, share, and learn from one another through movement. With the belief that the creative body is an empathetic body and is key to good physical and mental health at any age, HDD teaching artists encourage self-awareness, self-management, and relationship skills as the participants develop their creativity.