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Los Angeles Percussion Quartet

We couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with those four geniuses known as the Los Angeles Percussion Quartet this weekend. These talented guys will perform a live soundtrack to Charlie’s attempt to woo back his lady-maybe-love Sophie.

Why are we so excited? So many reasons, but here are our five favorite things about the LA Percussion Quartet.

  • While they are four percussionists (thus quartet) these guys work with a full roster of composers. At Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre, as you may have guessed, we’re big fans of collaborations. This Sunday, they’ll be performing a piece composed by Andrew McIntosh called I Hold the Lion’s Paw.
  • Know what else we’re fans of at Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre? The Quartet’s mission … of course, we may love it so much because it’s corresponds so nicely to our own. Observe:

    To create a classical percussion ensemble that would champion the important contributions of 20th century West Coast composers while collaborating with local artists to continue the tradition of innovation and exploration

  • Percussionists Matt Cook, Justin DeHart, Nick Terry and Cory Hills created the group in 2009, but don’t assume it’s still in its nascent stages! The quartet recorded its 2012 album, Rūpa-Khandha at Skywalker Studios. The Recording Academy nominated the album for a Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Grammy.
  • Despite the commercial success though, the Quartet doesn’t see any performance as too small (or big!). You may find the group performing in living room salons, art museums, or opera halls.
  • Not yet convinced at the awesomeness of this group? Here’s a final endorsement, via the New York Times, which called LA Percussion Quartet’s most recent album “Feisty … compelling … mesmerizing … “ and said the music’s “ crystal-clear sound brings to life the rich textures created from a rainbow of traditional and found instruments.”

Excited now? We thought so! Get your ticket for this weekend’s performance here. It’s going to be an amazing experience.

Photo courtesy Los Angeles Percussion Quartet.