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Malik “Gvmby” Bannister

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Malik “Gvmby” Bannister is a visual artist with a passion for creating connections between generations, lifestyles, cultures, and perspectives. Known for his works as a Choreographer/ Dancer, Creative Director, Host, & Model, he relocated to Los Angeles from Virginia in 2016, with the mentality to dance and host, and after five years of opportunities have been utilized to develop Malik’s strong passions into a purposeful career.

• Dancing::: Stage & Film/movie Performances & Freestyle in Art installations.

• Hosting::: to Live, On stage/ On-air host & weekly Online Twitch & Youtube Series.

• Creative Direction::: hours-long art installations, photo/video shoots, all manners of Promotion.

• Modeling::: international commercials, Principal music video/ Movie roles.

Pursue the eternal expression that is art, in these contemporary times in which we live. – “DANCE IS LIFE” because it is movement through the vessel life is lived,” is a quote Malik’s dance teacher told him that changed his perspective and trajectory in the artistic industry. If art is removed from our world then so goes our critical thinking and expression. Let’s relish in our differences, raise of consciousness, and remember we are working today for a future we to live in tomorrow.