Heidi Duckler Dance (HDD) creates place-based dance productions, activates spaces all around Los Angeles while connecting with communities whose voices we listen to and seek to amplify. Our work strives to democratize dance, provide innovative arts education, and promote spatial justice.

HDD’s Founder/Artistic Director Heidi Duckler is a pioneer of site-specific, place-based contemporary practice. Through the use of expanded techniques and a methodology that encourages us to understand how dance, born from our experience, can be a tool for expanded awareness. HDD invites our fellow humans to reconsider the spaces in which we live, the spaces we take up, and this helps us to communicate our personal experience to others, to speak up, to inspire, to incorporate hard truths into the vulnerable body and pursue the search for empathetic connectivity.

Your tax-deductible contribution supports our:

  • continued employment of artists whose livelihood depends on performing and teaching.

  • work bringing movement workshops to correctional facilities and help individuals & families going through re-entry.

  • arts education programs, we are committed to continuing our educational residencies in LAUSD schools.

  • dynamic HDD management and administrative team.

  • efforts to strengthen and heal our communities through partnerships with places like the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital.

  • international cross-cultural collaborations, cultivating greater empathy and respect, through dance + conversation.

  • effort to activate under-recognized sites, amplify marginalized voices, and bring performance to public space.

  • film projects which evoke the beauty of humanity and recognize the complexity of our world.

Donor Circle starts at $15/month! Donors receive recognition on the company website, and special discounts and invitations.

Leadership Circle donors donate $2000+ in a year! Leadership Circle donors are invited to attend exclusive events, receive recognition on the company website, letterhead and ephemera.

You can donate through the above button or send checks to:

Heidi Duckler Dance

1206 Maple Ave. Ste. 1100B

Los Angeles, CA 90015

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Org’s tax ID #: 95-4152270

Org’s Contact name: Raphaelle Ziemba

Contact’s phone number: 708-704-5681

Contact’s email: raphaelle@heididuckler.org

HDD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all donations are tax-deductible. Tax ID #95-41502270

For questions please email info@heididuckler.org

Click here to donate and learn more about the Dr. Kerry English Martin Luther King, Jr. Outpatient Center Creative Fellowship.

Thank you for your support!

2021 – 2022 Funders

Leadership Circle

David Abel & Brenda Levin
Yuval Bar-Zemer
Teal Brogden & Jim Schram
Vera Campbell
Joyce & Aubrey Chernick
Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects
Olga Garay-English
Steve Hirsh
Johnson Fain
Ashley Keegan
Jerry Kohl
Lyn Paz & Monette Marin
Lyle Poncher & Lisi Rona
Brenda Potter
Bill & Tamara Pullman
Dan Rosenfeld
Abby Sher


  • Michael Alexander
  • Michael Anderson
  • Janet Arnold-Clark & Darrell Clark
  • Peter Bloom
  • Alejandra Cox Edwards
  • Dana Cuff & Kevin Daly
  • Linda Dishman & John Hinrichs
  • Johnathon Ervin
  • Beverly Feinstein
  • Tom & June Frey
  • Frank Gallo
  • Elizabeth Garcia
  • Ruchika Garga
  • Lisa Gilmour
  • Anya Goldstein
  • Douglas Green
  • Linda Griego
  • Frank Gruber & Janet Levin
  • Kahina Haynes
  • Marion Joy
  • Alice Kimm
  • Lynzee Klingman
  • Richard & Betty Koshalek
  • Jenny & Jim Krusoe
  • Drs. Abraham & Lyn Laboriel
  • Ashley Lambert
  • Abbe Land
  • Janet Levine
  • Tom Lewkowitz
  • Karen Louis
  • Richard & Melanie Lundquist
  • Gregory Mann
  • David & Evi Meyer
  • Christina Morris
  • Herb Nadel
  • Kate Oneal
  • Gloria Padilla de Garcia
  • Jan Perry
  • Sarah Pillsbury
  • Polsinelli
  • Gary Richwald
  • James Robie
  • Lucia Rodriguez & Albert Alfaro
  • Ellen Rothman
    Mark Saltzman
    Marty & Sheila Seaton
  • Tracy Stone
  • Caitlyn Szieff
  • Moira Szilagyi
    Libby Temkin
  • Christine Upton
  • Yolanda Vera & Martha Matthews
  • Judy Vetter
    Albert Wolsky
  • Rachael Worby
  • Jason Wysong
  • Paolo Ziemba