Company Reel (2021)

Directed by Heidi Duckler
Edited by Nicolas Savignano

A highlight reel of the company’s 2021 performances and films.

Hanging by a Hair (2021)

Directed by Heidi Duckler
Editing and Cinematography by Nicolas Savignano
Music Composed by Sarah Belle Reid

The art installation, Remembrance by PLACE, landscape design studio, created in February 2021 of white flags, commemorates a harrowing milestone of 400,000 lives in America lost to COVID-19.

Company Reel (2020)

Directed by Heidi Duckler
Edited by Nicolas Savignano
Original Soundtrack by Lisa Molinaro

A highlight reel of the company’s 2020 performances and films.

Unsettling Ramona (2021)

Los Encinos State Historic Park, Encino, CA
Directed and Choreographed by Heidi Duckler
Composed by Carla Lucero
Filmed and edited by 2SidesFilm

Unsettling Ramona traveled across Los Encinos State Historic Park with live drumming and a land acknowledgment from Duane Minard, eight original short projected films accompanied by Carla Lucero’s operatic score, and culminated with a live operatic experience at the pond. Extras gathered and engaged in a call and response with the artists, performing the final chant that transforms the story of Ramona into one that honors the Native voice.

Into the Distance (2020)

Sepulveda Dam, Van Nuys, CA
Directed and Choreographed by Heidi Duckler
Composed by Sarah Belle Reid
Filmed and edited by 2SidesFilm

Into the Distance, a film by Heidi Duckler, investigates the challenges of finding intimacy in our post pandemic world of isolation. A couple, constrained in vast space, tries to find a way out. Their journey takes them through a mountain of dry rocks, a concrete void and the brittle burned bushes from the recent wildfires. Finally, the discovery of a river provides them with open space and connection.

Lost and Found (2020)

Founder’s Church, Los Angeles, CA
Directed by Heidi Duckler
Filmed and edited by 2SidesFilm

Lost and Found was filmed as part of Heidi Duckler Dance’s 35th anniversary celebration, THE QUEST. Filmed at the historic Founder’ Church of Religious Science in Los Angeles’ Koreatown and with music by Sarah Belle Reid and Isaac Takeuchi, dancers transform the site in a work that explores health and disease in today’s world.

Body is Home (2020)

Keller Forecourt Fountain, Portland, OR
Directed by Heidi Duckler
Filmed and edited by 2SidesFilm

As part of Lawrence Halprin’s Portland Open Space Sequence, this performance celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the Keller Forecourt Fountain and honors the 100th birthday of the living choreographer Anna Halprin.

Underway (2020)

Under the 7th Street Bridge, Los Angeles, CA
Directed by Heidi Duckler
Filmed and edited by 2SidesFilm

Originally set to be a live performance in March of 2020, Underway, was transformed into a film in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak. Inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem “Orpheus. Eurydice. Hermes,” which creates a space for Eurydice to be imagined as an independent being, dance and msuic take the audience on a transformative journey to the Underworld through Eurydice’s perspective. Hermes guides you into the Underworld, situated in the underbelly of LA’s historic 7th Street Bridge.

Company Reel (2019)

Directed by Heidi Duckler
Edited by Ben Dolenc
Music by Alabama Shakes

A highlight reel of the company’s 2019 performances.

ESCAPE (2019)

Valdivia, Concepción and Los Angeles, Chile
Directed by Heidi Duckler
Filmed and edited by Felipe Díaz Galarce

“Escape, directed and choreographed by American dance artist Heidi Duckler, was filmed on location in Chile, where her company was touring and happened to witness protests over the rising costs of living and growing inequality in the country. It features three dancers performing contemporary movement in abandoned spaces, spliced with footage from talk shows, newscasts and protests in Chile, creating a thought-provoking documentary-style dance film touching on the dangers of free market capitalism, corrupt leadership and COVID denial.” International Dance Magazine

For the Time Being (2019)

Portland Rose Test Garden
Directed by Heidi Duckler
Cinematography by Zsuzsanna Mangu
Editing by Conrad Kaczor
Music and sound by Davy Sumner

For The Time Being is a film about memory. Shot in the Portland Rose Test Garden over the course of a year, the film explores three individuals as they inhabit the garden and become a part of its life cycle.

Alice in the Nite Hawk (2019, Heidi Duckler Dance/Northwest)

Nite Hawk Diner, Portland, OR
Directed by Devin Tau
Choreography by Heidi Duckler

Friends are forced to navigate a new world when their tradition is disrupted. However, the transformative change leaves them questioning their own existence.

Where We’re Going (2019)

A film by Safety Third Productions
Bendix Building, Los Angeles, CA
Directed by Katherine Helen Fisher
Creative Direction & Choreography by Heidi Duckler

Filmed on the rooftop of the historic Bendix Building in the garment district of Los Angeles where Heidi Duckler has her office space, this work is choreographed by Heidi Duckler and performed by her dancers, her staff and several workers from the building. This short work explores a common feeling in Duckler’s oeuvre – a sense of belonging and how we define family.

LOADED (2018)

Ford Theatres Loading Dock, Los Angeles, CA
Directed & Choroegraphed by Heidi Duckler
Filmed & Edited by Ben Dolenc

LOADED takes advantage of the confined space of the Ford’s loading dock to evoke themes of borders and space. As society contemplates the implications of erecting walls – both physical and psychological – Loaded explores how borders manifest in physical space, who is allowed inside and who is not, how control is confronted and how dreams of freedom are realized.

Interrupted Story (2018)

Valparaíso, Chile
Directed by Heidi Duckler
Filmed and edited by Felipe Díaz Galarce

Performed at a former prison repurposed as an arts center in Valparaíso, Chile. Inspired by their surroundings and the Chilean culture, Duckler and the dancers took the audience on an captivating journey of movement and music.

Company Reels (2014-2018)

Yearly highlights from the company’s performances.