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Colleen Loverde

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Colleen Loverde is a dance artist, creator, teacher, explorer and questioner. She was born and raised in Lake Zurich, IL, and received her B.F.A. in Modern & Jazz Dance at Point Park University where she was awarded Outstanding Senior Dance Artist in 2017.

Colleen’s work is informed by the recognition that everything is connected and there is infinite wisdom to be uncovered within these connections. The intention of building awareness and cultivating balance between the interplay of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies is inherent in her process. She is committed to expansion on all fronts through curiosity in partnership with a long-term, sustainable mindset.

Colleen has performed with LED Boise, Heidi Duckler, Open Space, Post: Ballet, Northwest Dance Project, and on a variety of multidisciplinary projects. In addition to dancing with LED Boise, she is also acting rehearsal director under the artistic directorship of Lauren Edson.

She has had the opportunity to perform works by choreographers Ihsan Rustem, Wen Wei Wang, Felix Landerer, Patrick Delcroix, Lauren Edson, Heidi Duckler, Luca Veggetti, Franco Nieto, Noelle Kayser, Johannes Wieland, Michaela Taylor, Shannon Gillen, Ryan Mason, Alice Klock, Luke Murphy, Gregory Dolbashion, MADBOOTS, Garfield Lemonius, Alexandra Damiani, Patrick O’Brien and herself.

In addition to her dance career, she loves to write, read, learn, explore, and PLAY. She is currently working on a series of personal essays, dabbling in live storytelling, revisiting her love of singing, collaborating with a dear friend on an upcoming music video series, and exploring how comedy and storytelling may fuse with dance.