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Joey Navarrete-Medina

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Meet Joey Navarrete-Medina, a first-gen queer Mexican American dance artist based in Los Angeles. Joey (He/they) is all about mixing his diverse background into contemporary dance.

Joey holds a BFA in Dance from CSULB, plus certifications in Pilates from BASI, a teaching certification from LMU’s Yoga and The Healing Sciences program, and an MFA in Dance from UCI. He’s performed at several places in California and Mexico, with collaborator Rosa Rodriguez Frazier, sharing their cultural blend through dance.

Interested in teaching diverse populations, too; Joey has balanced work at UCI, AB Miller High School, and the Club Pilates studio chain, focusing on getting everyone to move and groove, especially students who might not often get the chance. Joey seamlessly integrates Pilates principles into dance instruction through his teaching, emphasizing body awareness, strength, and alignment to enhance students’ dance technique and overall well-being.

As a freelancer, Joey jumps into physical theater, concert dance, and commercial work, and is all about shaking up contemporary dance, making it more welcoming, and making every move count.