La Brea Coin-Op, Los Angeles, CA | 2012
Spin Cycle Laundr-o-mat, Historic Fillipinotown, Los Angeles | 2010
Le Superwash Coin Laundry, West Hollywood, CA | 2008
Laundromat, New York City | 2006
Launderland, Culver City, CA | 1998
A reprise of the company’s signature work which, in 2010, was recognized by the National Endowment for the Arts as an American Masterpiece. Laundromatinee first delighted viewers and washday customers at Thriftiwash Laundromat in Santa Monica in 1988. The show was reprised for Launderland in Culver City in 1998, in 2006, at the Sitelines Festival in NYC, receiving a rave review in the New York Times and in 2008 in the City of West Hollywood. This work celebrates the local coin-op as a community gathering place, a once-common neighborhood fixture that in recent years has been falling prey to urban gentrification.