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Beowulf Series – 2005-2007

2007 – My Beowulf

Roy and Edna Disney/Cal Arts Theater (REDCAT), Los Angeles. A proscenium project with a site-specific approach, this interdisciplinary work-in-progress weaves the ancient and the modern to tell the myth of Beowulf. Conceived by sisters Heidi Duckler and Merridawn Duckler with a stage set composed of theater lighting equipment, designed by Christopher Kuhl.

2007 – Beowulf on Ice

Valley Ice Skating Rink, Van Nuys, California. This section of the My Beowulf project was performed at a community ice rink. It used this site and the specific conditions of an icy ground to create a work based on the battle between Grendel and Beowulf. Grendel’s mother is played by a Zamboni and the audience enjoyed an all-skate following the performance.This piece was made into a short film in collaboration with filmmaker George Langworthy and Merridawn Duckler.

2006 – Beowulf on the Couch

Storefront Building, Hollywood, California. This module of the My Beowulf project represents the contemporary Beowulf translator’s notes and puts the poem “on the couch” for the artist to gaze into the text and see her own reflection. The audience is invited on stage for a “keyhole” view of this therapy session. This piece was first workshopped at a storefront space in Hollywood, and was later selected as part of REDCAT’s 2007 NOWFestival. Text and voiceover by Merridawn Duckler.

2005 – How to Read Beowulf

Reed College, Portland, Oregon. The first section to be workshopped of HDD’s Beowulf project. This installment, presented in a mock lecture format, represents the preface of the Old English poem, and depicts schoolgirls confronting an old professor. Written by Merridawn Duckler.