Photos by GingerSole Photography

Belonging in the World was an evening of performance, a visual short film, and live music that took place on Sunday, December 10, 2023, at the historic Bendix Building. In this heavy and shifting world we live in, this evening offered us a space to come together by holding a shared experience and recovering something we may have lost. Truth or Consequences: Belonging in the World explored finding a profound connection and acceptance within the intricate tapestry of human existence, where one’s unique identity is harmoniously integrated with the diverse threads of shared humanity.

This salon celebrated the way we seek connection as people with multiple perspectives. How do we accept ourselves, how do we extend ourselves to others?
Through music, movement, culture, composition, and the sharing of our table, we invested in each other and devised new arrangements to foster human bonds.

“Discover a world where individuality seamlessly intertwines with the rich fabric of shared humanity‚ÄĒExperience the essence of true belonging with us.”


Performances by: MawusiSarah, Jiryis Murkus Ballan and Spencer Pepke, Tong Guan, Zhihan Yang and Aashray Harishankar, “Haven” performance piece choreographed by HDD Associate Artistic Director, Raymond Ejiofor performed by Adrian Hoffman and Alejandro Perez

Lighting Design |  Omar Madkour

Production Manager | Jessica Emmanuel

Videography | 2Sides Films and Fernando Mau