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Fernando Mau – Media and Production Assistant

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Fernando Mau is a media and production assistant from Peru. He became passionate about music at a young age by learning to play the violin at the age of 7. His interest and subsequent exposure to the arts sparked his desire to delve into a world outside of music.

When the time came to choose a path for higher education, Fernando was naturally driven to grow and cultivate skills in visual art. He pursued a major in Film and Media studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). During his time at UCSB, he was fascinated by the world of visual storytelling, so he developed skills in videography, photography, and production design. Fernando’s experiences as a film student provided him with a solid foundation to become a videographer and editor for various projects, creating compelling short films and reels.

Fernando was also involved with the campus community in support of the technical capacity. At UCSB, he served as a student technical assistant for the Instructional Development division, helping with daily technical operations to maintain a learning environment and supporting on-campus events. This experience helped him gain technical expertise by fostering production skills, along with a customer-focused mindset.