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Choreographer Heidi Duckler long ago cemented her bona fides as L.A.’s mistress of site-specific dance theater, using movement to guide audiences to a deeper understanding of this city’s geographic infrastructure, from Laundromats and the underground Red Car lines to historic jails and the cement walls of the L.A. River.

Ann HaskinsLA Weekly, Best Site-Specific Dance Company

Redefining the discipline... through her use of expanded techniques and a methodology that encourages us to understand how dance, born from a collective experience, can be a tool for awareness, Duckler has rarely met a site she doesn’t like.

Victoria LooseleafFjord Review

While her venue-specific skills have gained her an international reputation, Duckler’s deepest art may be her ability to draw audiences into L.A.’s cultural archeology, revealing often overlooked history in sites scattered throughout LA’s many communities and then linking the past with often cautionary, sometimes anthem-worthy insights that resonate.

Ann HaskinsLA Dance Chronicle


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