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William Jay Ylvisaker

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William Ylvisaker is a Queer • Multi-dimensional creative based in Los Angeles, CA, who combines his passion for music and movement as a sound and movement coach. With a background deeply rooted in soul artists, he guides individuals to reconnect with their bodies and use their voices as instruments. Embracing diversity, representation, and authentic self-expression, William collaborates with communities to manifest collective visions.

William began his journey as a dancer at the age of five, where he explored various styles like Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, and more. Working as a commercial dancer with artists such as J.Lo and Dua Lipa, he realized the need to rediscover his joy and passion. Moving to New York at 25, he discovered his voice and its creative potential, eventually becoming a self-taught vocal artist. Now, as a sound and movement coach, he combines his expertise in both realms to guide individuals on transformative journeys of self-expression.