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Welcome to Ebb & Flow: Chinatown!

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Augmented Reality Exhibit

To engage with the work through augmented reality, download:

Through the app, you will be able to point your camera to the posters you encounter throughout the park and see the augmented reality videos from Heidi Duckler Dance!

You can also record videos of the experience through the Artvive App! Please tag us and share on social media!
IG & TW: @heididuckler
FB: @heididucklerdance


1) 3-19 Dance Art *
2) Shannon Janet Smith
3) Lily Ockwell
4) Heidi Duckler
5) Brittany Delany *
6) Sand Dance Project
7) Friidom & Kaz Mogi of Taiko Project *
8) Carissa Songhorian

*performances start at these sites at 1 pm