Photography by Sean Deckert

Herald In, Examine Throughout was a transformative experience that unfolded along Downtown Los Angeles’ Broadway Street. With an original score by composer Jessie Cox and Heidi Duckler’s innovative choreography, these collaborative performances traversed diverse narratives and fostered connections among the vibrant communities that coexist downtown.

Presented by Heidi Duckler Dance, this performance engaged 200 attendees in a fusion of dance, music, and multimedia enveloping the iconic Herald Examiner Building on May 18, 2024. Collaborating with Keith Thompson of Arizona State University’s School of Music, Dance, and Theatre, this project sought to illuminate the socioeconomic disparities in Downtown Los Angeles while chronicling the city’s ongoing evolution.

From witnessing elegant roller-skating dancers adorned in exquisite ball gowns, and intricate cut-out installations by the talented visual artist, Jazmín Urrea, to experiencing live music featuring Indigenous instruments, unique drum beats, and old-school boomboxes, attendees witnessed a breathtaking multimedia performance.

The Herald Examiner Building, a historic landmark erected in 1913, serves as a poignant symbol of Downtown Los Angeles’ rich history, encompassing its rise, fall, and ongoing redevelopment. Drawing inspiration from this storied past, Herald In, Examine Throughout aimed to spark civic engagement across generations by reinvigorating tales of Downtown Los Angeles in captivating and thought-provoking ways, while also celebrating the city’s thriving artistic community.



Heidi Duckler, Jobel Medina, Keith Thompson, Rebecca Lee, Joseph Stevens, Colleen Loverde, Marissa Brown, Santiago Villarreal, Sasha Rivero, Kelsey Guy, Keon Saghari, Joey Navarrete-Medina, Andrew Augustine Perez, Stephanie Kim

Jessie Cox, William Roper, Marta Tiesenga, Tomoko Ozawa, Joanna Lynn-Jacobs, Linnea Powell, Adrianne Pope, Mike Hall

Installation artists + architects
Jazmìn Urrea, Sophie Akoury, Mo Rezk

Videography by 2Sides Films & Fernando Mau

Event Sponsors

Orange Barrel Media

Abby Sher

Vera Campbell

Heidi Duckler & Dan Rosenfeld