For the first time in 20 years, audiences filled Chinatown’s King Hing Theater, but not to screen a film. Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre premiered its first long-running show, When I Am King, in the long dormant space in October, 2016.

When I am King explored what it means to be a public figure—by whatever measure: a presidential candidate, a YouTube star, or just a person who likes to inform their “followers” about today’s lunch. In a time when people are no longer individuals, but brands, what does it mean to have control or power?

Audiences traveled through the theater with the mobile production, enjoying danced pieces throughout the space—each examining a different identity, and aspect of the cult of personality. Duckler joined two long-time collaborators, renowned multi-disciplinary designer Dan Evans, and composer Amy Knoles, to transform the theater space into a walkable art installation.