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Joseph Stevens

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Joseph was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, later relocating to San Antonio, Texas where he attended Tom Clark High School studying vocal performance as well as trained in dance for 4 years under Director Sarah Visel. He continued his studies at the University of North Texas earning a degree in the Bachelor of Arts in Dance, while also gaining knowledge from a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program. In doing so, he has studied under astounding professors such as Shelley Cushman, Claudia Howard Queen, Mary Lynn Babcock, Robin Lakes, Erin Boone, Sue Collins, Karen MacIntyre, Whitney Geldon, and Lily Sloan.

Joseph has worked with guest artists and instructors such as Libby Rhodes, Carl Flink (Black Label Movement), Contra-Tiempo Urban Latin Dance Theatre, Joshua L. Peugh, Alumni Jake Bone, and many others. Stevens continues his exploration of dance performance, choreography, and pedagogical practices in Houston, TX as a company member of Open Dance Project company under artistic director/founder Annie Arnoult. Joseph is in his fourth season dancing with NobleMotion.