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Marquice Perrera

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Marquice is an actor, dancer, model, and a recent graduate from the University of California-Santa Cruz with a Master of Arts degree in Theatre. Marquice describes himself as an optimistic, confident, and driven individual. He teaches performance for a living and does a great job in recognizing & supporting anybody willing to see their potential in performance.

Marquice is the creator of a workshop called Imbued where students use sensory interactions and rhythmic activities to increase their mindfulness and decrease performance anxiety. His practice allows for transformation and specializes in helping beginning performers reframe and reimagine their weaknesses, doubts, and insecurities by transforming them into a strength that can manifest in performative energy on stage. Marquice focuses on mitigating mentally and physically destructive conditions like depression, low self-esteem, and anxiety. He informs students that their nerves are their allies and if it wasn’t for the word “security” we wouldn’t have “insecurity”.

‘It’s all about creating a mobile safe place for the individual where they can feel protected and safe to be vulnerable with themselves and others in the world.”-Marquice Perrera