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Sophie and Charlie: Garden Bout

Photo by Sean Deckert

When Heidi met Jeff Slayton, she was just getting her bearings here in LA. She visited his apartment to interview him for an article she was writing at the time. So, imagine our excitement a few decades later when Jeff reached out to Heidi to include her work in a piece he was writing about creating dance in LA.

Jeff’s three-part piece for Seedance, Making Dance Work in LA (read part one and two; three is still to come) explores the city of LA’s relationships, historically and currently, with the dance companies that call it home.

The piece highlights the unique niche Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre fills in the Los Angeles dance scene. Heidi says in the article:

I started my company because I wasn’t aware of anyone doing what we do, making immersive work in urban environments. And still, perhaps there isn’t anybody doing what we do in terms of community connection and site specificity on a full time basis. And, because of the nature of our work we look for joint ventures and partners, it’s not a solo kind of activity.

Check out Jeff Slayton’s Making Dance Work in LA series to learn more about the dance landscape in Los Angeles – both past and present.