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We’re only 2.5 weeks into 2016, but we’d like to give a final quick shout out to our 2015 selves! We took a moment to review our highlights from the past year and thought you may be interested in how our 30th year shook out!

Productions: 11

Performances: 22

Dance Films: 2

Festivals: 2

Productions with live musical accompaniment: 9

Number of Dance-makers: 14

Bands/Musicians Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre collaborated with: The Antenna Repairmen (MB Gordy & Robert Fernandez), Jon Armstrong, Erin Armstrong, Sheela Bringi, Chris Payne, Claire Gignac et compagnie, Chris Garcia, Lili Haydn, William Goldstein, Philip King, Judicanti Responsura (William Roper & Joseph Mitchell), Michael Vlatkovich, Los Angeles Percussion Quartet, Quetzal

Locations: parking lots, a waterfront, an architecture firm, an under-construction building, a gallery adjacent to a library, a church, a bookstore, an abandoned hospital, a public park, a city hall building, an open-air market

So … that was 2015, it’s now 2016 and we have a ton of cool stuff lined up! More premieres, more live music and more unexpected locations!

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