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Happy Thanksgiving!

As we indulge today in turkey, mashed potatoes and pie, we’re also counting all the amazing experiences we’ve had throughout our 30th year! Here are five highlights.

Five premieres

We premiered five performances this year! (No wonder 2015 went by so fast!) And while we’re thankful for the amazing talent and locations, we’re also so grateful to everyone who came out to see our shows! We received some wonderful comments and stories! Below is a peek at the stories, see more here.

Duck Ed

You’ve been hearing about our Duck Truck Residency Program for some time now, but this year we expanded our educational outreach. We introduced Duck Tales, an intergenerational program between seniors and teenagers. In our new program, seniors share their personal stories with students, the students in turn create choreography inspired by those stories.

A brand new website

You’re on it right now! Doesn’t it look great? Take a little tour — there are a lot of beautiful photograph on each page, just waiting to be seen!

Our Gala!

What an amazing evening! We ate some great food, enjoyed the sounds of Grammy-Award winning band, Quetzal, and were graced with a very generous group of people! Missed the event? Here’s some of the fun!


It’s true! We’re thankful for the amazing opportunities we already have next year. Details coming soon, but so far the new year will see us trekking around California with a 20-foot fish, creating a new ethnographic work at one of LA’s hidden treasures and reprising a classic work or two! You won’t be able to miss us!